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On the afternoon of May 5th, the Signing Ceremony of the Rooftop Solar Agreement took place at the headquarters of Searefico, between SEAREFICO Corporation and CME SOLAR Investment Corporation. This strategic cooperation not only opens up numerous business development opportunities and enhances the competitive capabilities of both companies' ecosystems but also contributes to the green…

Searefico Cooperated with Greenpan to Gift Screening Clinics to Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital

On June 28th, Searefico cooperated with Greenpan Joint Stock Company - one of the leading companies in manufacturing and producing high-quality PIR Panels in the market, to gift screening clinics made from European insulation standard PIR Panels to Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital. The advantages of these PIR Panels are their ability to quickly assemble and…

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Searefico Joins Hand with HCMC Tropical Hospital in Fighting COVID-19

When the 4th wave of COVID-19 came, the pressure of public healthcare and patient well-being placed a heavy burden on the medical staff. The whole nation watches over restlessly as the news of new cases and contagious areas pop up days by days. The ambulances rush on the street, bringing people to isolation zones and…

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"Mom, what is June 1st? I was born, but that date seems so beyond." The newborn child of Mr Pham Chanh Vuong, a T&C team member of Searefico E&C, came to life on May 14th. But alas, what came with him is congenital heart disease. He was separated from his mother and taken to the…

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Immediate Response to COVID-19 at Searefico Holdings

In line with the complicating COVID-19 situation, on May 30th, the People Committee of Ho Chi Minh City issued document 1749/UBND-VX, further accelerate pandemic control, applying Directive 15+ across the Ho Chi Minh City area, and Directive 16 at some locations. Therefore, we have shifted our working methods to the followings: Applying telecommunication, online communication…

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ARICO AGM: Research New Technology, Focusing on R&D for Success

On Saturday, May 15th, 2021, Asia Refrigeration Industry Joint Stock Company (ARICO) has successfully organised The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Fiscal Year 2020 at the headquarter at Tan Tao Industrial Zone, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City. Receiving the full approval, the Meeting has passed the business plan for the fiscal year…

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Leadershift In Actions: What We Can Do, Do It Immediately

May 12th's afternoon, Searefico Group's directors and managers have gathered around to discuss about shifting mindset, developing new SHIFTING ideas, as well as setting executable, simple, quick and flexible ACTIONS through the LEADERSHIFT IN ACTIONS Talkshow. The most efficient way to Shifting Company starts from the mindsets of the board of directors. During the talkshow,…

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SEAREFICO was Proudly Awarded at The Ceremony For Top10 Most Prestigious Company In Real Estate – Construction – Construction Material In 2021

On April 27th, The Ceremony For Top5 Most Prestigious M&E Contractor 2021 have announced Searefico as the 2nd most prestigious company. It was truly a proud moment for me to represent for thousand of Searefiers, standing on the podium receiving the award! Last year was filled with hardship and challenges. But we overcame them all!…

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APEA honored SEAREFICO GROUP “Corporate Excellent in Asia – Pacific” 2020

With fast growth index, market reputation, development achievements and values of social responsibility in recent years, on October 23, 2020, SEAREFICO Group was honored to receive the award. Award " Corporate Excellent in Asia - Pacific" 2020. This is an award voted and honored by the APEA (Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards) - a leading prestigious…

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On the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers' Day- November 20, SEAREFICO gave flowers and gifts to express gratitude to those who are currently training at the Company. On behalf of the Executive Board, thank you for your dedication and efforts to contribute to SEAREFICO's team development journey. Hope you will always maintain your passionate spirit, spread…

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Absolutely confidentiality of all online transaction information of the member including digital voucher account digitized on

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