SEAREFICO was Proudly Awarded at The Ceremony For Top10 Most Prestigious Company In Real Estate - Construction - Construction Material In 2021

On April 27th, The Ceremony For Top5 Most Prestigious M&E Contractor 2021 have announced Searefico as the 2nd most prestigious company.

It was truly a proud moment for me to represent for thousand of Searefiers, standing on the podium receiving the award! Last year was filled with hardship and challenges. But we overcame them all! And we remain as one of the most prestigious contractor in Vietnam market. It was the fruit of hardworking made in Searefico, from Holdings to subsidiaries: Searefico E&C, SEAREE, ARICO, GREENPAN, SEAREAL, Phoenix Energy & Automation, Thua Thien Hue Construction.

Mr. Le Mai hung, Searefico E&C’s Deputy Director of Construction Division, said after the ceremony.

With this award, we continue to affirm our position as the leading M&E contractor on the market. We are proud to be the reliable one-stop-service for our partners and clients, the company that emphasizes the development of technology, the workplace where the strong-willed Searefico genome shines the most.
It’s hard to call this feeling anything but proud and honoured! I am honoured to wear Searefico logo on my heart, to represent the team, and to be a part of a great ecosystem.
We set to be the leading EPC contractor in the Industrial and Technology market, as well as the leading DB in construction and M&E, providing our valuable clients and investors a reliable and trustworthy one-stop service. At Searefico E&C, we are specialised in designing, supplying, constructing and maintaining services for mechanical, electrical and refrigeration items of works; construct automated chains, smart warehouses and technology systems; implement the civil and industrial projects, and supply of other services in the role of general contractor (Turn-key, EPC and D&B) for industrial and civil projects.