PM Searefico visit and study in Japan

In mid September, Searefico and its strategic partner - Taisei Oncho organized a visit and study tour for 12 Project Managers during 7 days. The Searefico PMs joined Taisei Oncho’s leading experts and engineers on visiting and learning the construction experience at major projects by Taisei Oncho. The trip reflects the strategic cooperation and good relationship between Searefico and its Japanese partner.





Taisei Oncho is currently the leading electromechanical contractor in Japan and now appears in the markets of countries and territories as China, Philippines, India, Hawaii, etc.



In addition to practical learning and visits, Searefico’s PMs also had some days experiencing Japanese culture. The trip left remarkable memories about the country, people and construction techniques of Japan, which will help the PMs in upcoming works and motivates the successive SS and SM to keep on trying to get the same opportunities.