Leadershift In Actions: What We Can Do, Do It Immediately

May 12th’s afternoon, Searefico Group’s directors and managers have gathered around to discuss about shifting mindset, developing new SHIFTING ideas, as well as setting executable, simple, quick and flexible ACTIONS through the LEADERSHIFT IN ACTIONS Talkshow.

The most efficient way to Shifting Company starts from the mindsets of the board of directors. During the talkshow, both subsidiaries companys: Arico, Greenpan, Searee, Searefico E&C, and Searefico Holdings shared their issues regarding systems, behaviours, habits, procedures, rigid plans… All of which are in immediate need of removal and innovation. We also contributed to each other on how to shift ourselves and approach new ideas, in order to restructure Searefico Group in a more refined, effective manner, preparing for any potential risks in the new era.

The host, Mr. Le Tan Phuoc – Chairman of Searefico Group – emphasised: What we can do, do it IMMEDIATELY”. Changes are not viable if the leaders are hesitating over shifting and making decisive decisions.