Solution of electro-mechanical devices prefabrication (mep prefabrication)


Contractors are concerned about how to push the implementation progress, to shorten the project construction time as much as possible, and at the same time, to ensure the construction quality and reduce cost.
Realizing the opportunity, Searefico has offered the solution of applying the existing Electromechanical device manufacturing system, together with technical support, in order to meet customer’s requirements. We call it MEP Pre-fabrication solution.


It is the process of designing and mass production of electromechanical modules which include functions of fire fighting, drainage, gas plumbing, cable conduits and trays, for the Electromechnical Construction Industry.

Implementation process

We manufacture and pre-install a module including a set of pipes, cable trays, gas pipes, conductor conduits at our factory.

The module can be pre-insulated from heat.

We then transports the module/prefabricated parts to the site for installation.


Crane is used to put the module into construction position.
By making the module or parts right at our own factory, we can ensure quality and proactiveness, thanks to machine readiness. This solution is suitable for systems of the same nature, or technical shafts, especially “rise box” technical shaft.


Applying modules/prefabricated parts in construction can bring optimized effects and benefits.