3D BIM (Shop Drawing – Clash Detection/Coordination)

After having been coordinated, with clash conflicts having been solved, shop drawings  then shall be used for construction.  This reduces waste in material and human resources for repairs and reconstruction, which impact Employer’s progress and system quality. Moreover, 3D coordination models make it easier for the employer’s consultant  to review the drawings.

Beside Revit coordination, an additional BIM program namely Naviswork is used, helping reviewers to detect conflicts and visually assess the aesthetic aspects on the virtual models.


Project progress simulation for construction progress management.
This helps the Investor to check on the construction workload done at site in comparison with relevant workload on the model of the same timeline, to determine whether the construction work is leading or lagging.
Naviswork takes 3D models from Revit and imports project progress tables from Microsoft Project or Primavera simulating project progress.


Pre-simulation is based on project progress to manage volume and cost.

This helps the Investor to check and commission the work volume with ease.
In line with the project timeline, the volume to be completed and the implementation cost help the Investor clear payments to Contractors and help the Main Contractor clear payments to sub-contractors fairly and transparently. Draw where the 3D model comes out to mass.